Center Stage Market – Food That Makes You Feel Better

Need a little help making that transition to a healthier lifestyle?

Center Stage Market has what you need to make everyday meals that are as good for you as they taste. We believe everyone deserves access to real, good food, so that’s all you’ll find at Center Stage Market right in Downtown Americus, GA.

overviewWhy Center Stage Market and not a Big Chain Store?

  • We’ve had 9 years of experience purchasing healthful, local, and organic groceries for Americus; that said, our customers are the most important thing in our store and our primary objective is to make sure you walk away with what you need. Our attention to the needs of individual customers is what sets us apart from the larger grocery chains: we’re here for you.
  • Getting the most bang for your grocery buck is critical, so our products don’t contain fillers, artificial colors or preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. You get more nutritional value from less food when you eat the right food. Healthier eating now can mean lower medical bills and a higher quality of life down the road!
  • Because fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy way of eating, all of our produce is always 20% off, every single Saturday. This helps you stock up for the week while staying within your grocery budget.shopper13
  • “Thank you for existing! You bring a special vibrancy to Downtown Americus. As someone who loves to cook, finding fresh, local and healthy ingredients is inspiring. I find daily joy in walking to my local grocery store and creating a meal for my family. Your staff have become my friends. They always offer smiles, good cheer and product info too.”

    Derek Huss
  • “I love the convenience of Center Stage Market being downtown. I always find fresh organic or local produce. My picky kids are always happy with my choices too. I feel great feeding my family here.”
    shannan blanchard

    Shannon Blanchard
  • “Products are awesome! I love your healthy foods, especially your produce. The staff is so friendly and it is a fun place to be! As a vegan, I choose to buy fresh vegetables and fruits each day from you guys. I have been a customer since you have opened and will continue to be one.”

    marce aus

    Marcellous Austin