Center Stage Market will be hosting another session of Ask the Herbalist on Saturday, Sept. 24th from 2pm-6pm. This is the time to come in and ask our store herbalist, Debby Sapp, any questions you might have on herbs, supplements, oils, and more!
Debby Sapp is an herbalist and not a nutritionist or a doctor. She doesn’t prescribe, treat, or diagnose. She gives out herbal information and you can do with that as you will, though she strongly recommends you keep your health care professionals up-to-date on all supplements you take. Please see your health care professional for all your medical concerns.

Try Something “New”!!!

Keep an eye out for our “NEW” signs posted throughout the store. They are listed next to any products that are brand new to Center Stage Market. We want to continue growing and expanding our products so try something “new” and let us know what you think!