New Moms Get Together

Center Stage Market is hosting a New Moms Get Together Tuesday morning, Nov. 1, from 10:30-11:30. This will give our new moms a chance to meet and connect with other new moms in the area who are also wanting to have a more healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to only be a new mom, though; you’re welcome to come and connect!  We’ll be touching on a few things to support breastfeeding naturally and a few natural things that new moms and/or breastfeeding moms would want to avoid. You don’t have to be breastfeeding to learn from this or to connect with other moms, though. Look for a Tuesday Get Together each month on the first Tuesday of the month.
Debby Sapp, Certified Clinical Herbalist, formerly certified lactation counselor, and Certified Women’s and Family Health Educator, will head it up.  We look forward to enjoying being with you! cute-mother-and-baby-bonding-17

New Product: Dixie Dreams Soaps

We came across these wonderful soaps recently and just had to carry them in the store. Made by the nicest retired couple you will ever meet (Marian -the soap maker and creator and Ned -the inventor, engineer, and hard labor guy) , these soaps are made from organic oils, butters, and botanicals, which are grown in their own garden using organic practices.

These all natural soaps smell amazing, feel great on your skin, and are an all around great product. Stop by Center Stage today and check them out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Blood Pressure Class

Blood Pressure Class in Two Parts
October 20th at 7:00pm – 8:30pm &
October 27th at 7:00pm – 8:30pm

We anticipate this class to be very detailed so we have broken it up into two different class sessions. In these two classes our wonderful store herbalist, Debby Sapp, will be discussing how a healthy diet, proper supplements, and a healthy regimen can help in stabilizing ones blood pressure levels.

Debby Sapp is an herbalist, a certified women’s and family health educator, and
not a nutritionist or a doctor. She doesn’t prescribe, treat, or diagnose. She gives out herbal information and you can do with that as you will, though she strongly recommends you keep your health care professionals up-to-date on all supplements you take. Please see your health care professional for all your medical concerns.

13th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in downtown Americus on October 15th hosted by Phoebe Sumter

Center Stage Market will be participating in the 13th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in downtown Americus on October 15th hosted by Phoebe Sumter.

We will have a table set up at Lenny’s Market before and after the walk to help support those participating. We will be handing out coupons to the store, we will have a drawing for a $25.00 Center Stage Market gift card, and we will be handing out free fruit to all those walking. We hope to see you out there supporting this great cause!