Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

We believe in real, good food. And we believe everyone should have access to it, every day. At Center Stage Market, you’ll find only products that have passed our ingredient and manufacturing standards, which are pretty high, since we eat this stuff, too! And we price our products with our community in mind to make sure everyone who wants it can have access to healthful food. We aim to improve the health, both physical and economic, of southwest Georgia.shopper4What’s not in our products is just as important as what is. You won’t find anything with artificial food dyes, preservatives, nitrites, antibiotics, steroids, or high-fructose corn syrup, to mention a few. You won’t find GMO products on our shelves, either. We believe too little is known about the long-term effects of GMOs and that consumers have a right to know what they’re putting in their bodies. If a brand or company does not support GMO labeling, we won’t sell their products.

Much of what we offer is certified organic. Knowing something is organic means knowing it is not a GMO product, and that it was grown or prepared in ways that are not harmful to consumers, the growers, or the earth. Our locally purchased produce, while not certified organic, is grown without chemicals. We’ve been to the farms, we know how the stuff is grown. We’re proud of our produce!

applesAs a small business in a small town, we know how important it is to support a local economy. We support local growers and producers, which means buying seasonally, but also ensures freshness of the products we sell. We want to help grow our local economy by purchasing straight from the growers and producers at fair prices, just as we seek to provide living wages to our own employees.

Our goal is to be an effective guide for you as you navigate the grocery aisles, reading labels, and choosing what’s best for you. You are always the most important thing in our store, and we’ll make sure you feel welcomed, informed, and confident about the products you buy from Center Stage Market.